Topic: multiple XML files or 1 XML file for custom data?

What is the best solution for the addition I want to make?

I want to be able to add a dynamic text button that displays a custom title, i.e. Artist Statement, if there is data, for each instance of a gallery, and when clicked have a movie clip display the dynamic text in a scroll window.

I am using SimpleViewer Admin to manage my galleries. I have been able to customize the SVAdmin to write an additional XML file called statementData.xml to store the data.

I have been able to make a dynamic movie clip button to load the variables for the statement title and the body data within the SimpleViewer flash.

Not knowing XML very well, I thought it was best to have two separate XML files. One is the imageData.xml and another one I called statementData.xml.

The problem I am having with this approach is that I’m not sure how to parse each XML file. Currently, when both XML files are loaded, it displays both the fixed and dynamic resize layout simultaneously. I’m thinking it has to do that both files are going the onLoadedXML function.

How can I correct this? Or would it be better if there were only one XML file? And how would I go about writing the tags, without causing conflict on the image name tags and captions?

I have been slugging away at this problem for a while and just about reached my frustration limit. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

And one more thing.

When the movie clip plays with the loaded dynamic text, I wanted the mouse scroll, arrow keys, page up/down to only affect that movie clip. However, the thumbnails and image areas are receiving those inputs. How can I temporarily disable them from receiving the inputs while still on the stage?

I tried the enabled=false, but that didn't seem to work. Either I am not finding the button to disable it from the input. I can only find the function onKeyDown and that seems to be a global.

Re: multiple XML files or 1 XML file for custom data?

With a bit further work, I have figured out the solution. I created a new function for the other xml file. It may not be as elegant, but it appears to function as desired on my machine.

Just now need load the file remotely. I think an incorrect pathway is the cause, or the loader is incorrectly configured for two files.

My other questions still is outstanding, how to disable the global mouse wheel and key inputs for the instance the dynamic text movie clips is visible? Currently I just have the thumbArea and imageArea hidden, but I think it would look more pleasing if they were greyed out, with an alpha.