Topic: Simpleviewer inside an exact fit flash website

So I have simpleviewer loading on my flash website. i have my website set to 100% width and height and exact fit. however, once simpleviewer loads and i return to the home page, it resets the scaling to full size.
in other words....
my page is set to 1024x768
say i open the webpage in a browser window thats 512x384
the webpage is shrunk to fit the browser until....
i click the button leading to simpleviewer
when i return back to the homepage which was previously scaled to 512x384, it is back at the actual size of 1024x768 so that now the browser window only displays a corner of the home page....

so.... how do i make it so that loading simpleviewer in my flash site doesnt reset the page fitting? is this even possible? thanks...

Re: Simpleviewer inside an exact fit flash website

Note that the SimpleViewer FLA sets Stage.align to 'TL' and Stage.scaleMode to 'noScale' in the second frame of the fla. You may need to remove this code if the embedding movie uses a different align or scalemode.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Simpleviewer inside an exact fit flash website

ah right thats it. im just using simpleviewer standard, so i cant edit the fla, but for a workaround i just made the button that returns to the homepage reset the stage settings to match my align and scale mode.... thanks for the reply!