Topic: Problems with Flickr

I've followed all the instructions and read the forums but still can't get this to work. here is what I have so far

        // To use images from Flickr, uncomment this block
        fo.addVariable("useFlickr", "true");
        fo.addVariable("user_id", "24972132@N04");
        fo.addVariable("tags", "website");
        fo.addVariable("tag_mode", "all");
        //fo.addVariable("showTakenByText", "true");           
        // To use local images defined in an XML document, use this block       
        //fo.addVariable("useFlickr", "false");
        //fo.addVariable("xmlURL", "gallery.xml");

when I click on the index.html it takes me to a blank screen. I've obviously commented the xml section and uncommented the flickr section. What now?

Re: Problems with Flickr

Due to Flash Player security restrictions, Flickr galleries will only work when uploaded to a web server. For more details, check the FAQ, Question 2: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Problems with Flickr

Thanks. I wondered if this was the reason but I was trying to finish my website before I published it to the web. Thanks again.