Topic: How to force align a picture?

I have purchased Simpleviewer Pro and I am loving it so far, but I cannot find a way to set the position of my pictures within the gallery.

What I want is for all my picture (tall and wide) to default to the top right corner instead hovering in the middle of the area.

I have seen one post where somebody changed a line of code in the file but they did not explain the reasoning why they did what they did or how it worked. Any help on this would be great.

Re: How to force align a picture?

Can anybody help me out with this request, I just want all of my images to be completely justified to the top right corner with no stage padding. I want to image to be at the absolute edge of the swf, regardless of whether the image is tall or wide

Re: How to force align a picture?

To align images top-left within the image area, do the following. In, in the resizeImage() function, line 178, change these 2 lines:

imgX = Math.round((w-imgW)/2) + fw;
imgY =  Math.round((h-imgH)/2) + fw;

to this

imgX =  fw;
imgY =  fw;
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.