Topic: Renaming SV Pro's output files

I'm using Sitegrinder 2 Pro, which is a Photoshop plugin, to build my website and I want to import several photo galleries, which will appear on different pages (wildlife gallery will appear on wildlife page and landscapes on landscapes page etc).  When I build my gallery from Photoshop, using script, simpleviewer I get a folder with the html page (which I link to Sitegrinder) and other necessary files which I have to copy to Sitegrinders build folder after it's built the site, everything works fine.

My problems arise when I try to copy the remaining albums to Sitegrinders build folder, as all the albums have files with the same names.

Is there a way of re-naming the files for easy indentification?  Or any other way round this problem?



Re: Renaming SV Pro's output files

try putting each gallery in its own folder. Check the FAQ, Q16: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.