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I've already posted in troubleshooting, but since I got the pro-version I might get some more respons here.

k so this is the problem:

I got different swf files for my different portfolio albums (people, nature, architecture,...) They all work seperatly, they also all work seperatly on my flash website.

But when I put them all together (on different pages and these pages can't load together) I get some weird stuff:

- simpleviewer isn't on its place anymore
- can't use next, previous button
- only shows first picture

I really don't know what the problem is, I used the source code and created with this my sepperate files.

Hope someone can help


Ps: It would be nice if the example also exists on the pro-version in actionscript 3

Re: need some help

Could there be a problem that it is only possible to load one xml a time?

this is the code I use to import it:

import fl.containers.UILoader;

var aLoader:UILoader = new UILoader();
aLoader.source = "People.swf";
aLoader.scaleContent = false;
aLoader.x = -140;
aLoader.y = -320;

(actionscript 3)

This code goes into every different page (pagePeople, pageNature,...) with the exeption of the source is different.

Every swf has his own galleryPeople.xml, galleryNature.xml,...

I really can't see why it doesn't work, I don't get any errors or something, just a static image in the wrong spot.

Re: need some help

or maybe the problem is because I am working in actionscript 3 and the viewerPeople.swf, viewerNature.swf,... are in actionscript 2??

if so,

how can I get past this?

thanks in advance

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Yes SimpleViewer is AS2, so the container SWF should be AS2. You can do it in AS3 but there is additional work to communicate between the two.

Check the 'mulitple gallery' FLA in the Pro download.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: need some help

thanks for the quick response,

but my flash site is in actionscript 3 so how can I do this?

Thank you very much in advance

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can't you just give a little example how to do this in actionscript 3?

(to me it seems there is a problem with xml's loading at the same time, maybe because of the same global parameters?)

But I really want this thing to work,
been searching for couple of days now.

thank you.

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how to communicate between AS3 and AS2 SWFs is beyond the scope of this forum. I recommend you convert your container SWF to AS2, or use the 'flash embed'  example FLA as your start point.

If you want to keep your container SWF AS3, try using SWFBridge to communicate  between the 2: … easie.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: need some help

hey felix,

thank you so much for helping.

k so I made the container in AS 2 just like in the example (multiple_galleries) the rest of my site is in AS3 but I only load this multiple_galleries only then wich can't cause a problem.

But now everything works exept I need to press the button 2 times to get to the desired gallery, the first time I press gallery1 goes of and the next time gallery2 pops up.

I have no clue, why it does that?

thanks in advance.

Re: need some help

I have been searching for the reason why it does that for hours now.

can someone help?

This is the problem:

I need multiple galleries on my site, so I use the example from simpleviewer pro: multiple_galleries.swf

My site is in actionscript 3 so I just load this swf into my site.

When I load it, the first time I press one of the buttons (ex: gallery2) of the multiple_galleries.swf the sv clears and when I press another time on this button then I get the sv for gallery2.

I have no idea why it needs 2 clicks.


Re: need some help

sorry to bump this but it really looks like an easy to solve problem.

When I just load the multiple_galleries fla in a actionscript 3 container i need to press 2 times on the buttons before it takes me to the next page.