Topic: Images not displaying, tried everything! Help please!


I'm in firefox on a mac and have also tested in IE on a pc.

My images arent displaying but it is displaying the text and you can click where the image should be and see it going to the next image but its not displaying the images.

I've had it working before so I know its not the "hotlink protection" issue.

I had it working fine when all the files were in the same folder as the page displaying them. BUT I needed to have multiple galleries in that same folder so I made two folders, one for each gallery. I changed the path in the code to point to the necessary javascript files, swf file, and xml file. I'm not using the index.html to display the gallery if you were wondering why i needed to change the paths.

I've tried uploading the swf from the source folder from a different ftp as suggested in another post.

The gallery works perfect locally so I know my file names and gallery.xml is fine.

I was thinking that it was the swf but why would the text display if that were the case?

I've also uploaded the images from a different ftp.

Also, I've made sure that the ftp is set to Binary.

I'm out of ideas, please help. Thanks so much!

the link is:
www mediablend com/clients/ray-lite/dec_street_globes/gallery shtml

Re: Images not displaying, tried everything! Help please!

works here. I guess you fixed it :)

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Images not displaying, tried everything! Help please!

Thanks for the help folks... I found a solution that works but's not ideal. If you put the gallery into an iframe reading the original index.html it fixes the problem. I dont think it likes being inside a table which is why it was broken, just speculation though because I had it working in that same location.