Topic: Bringing Safari to its knees

I have searched and searched and find it hard to believe that I can't find anyone else with this problem.

I have now confirmed this on 2 different Macs using my own gallery, sample galleries, and other peoples' galleries.

I have confirmed that TiltViewer seems to run like a champ on IE and Firefox on a PC.  However, it appears to work okay on my Mac, but then I flip a picture over and go to the link and Safari appear to be taking "over 100%" CPU, according to Activity Monitor. If I am able, I must then try to kill Safari.  If I'm successful at that, everything is okay until I visit a TiltViewer gallery again.

I also noticed that only on one of my Macs (a Mac Pro), the scaling doesn't seem to be right, but only with one particular gallery.  I cannot move to all the images, because some are off the page.  This only happened, however, on one particular gallery as I was trying to see if it was just my gallery with the problems. (I have confirmed that it's not just mine).  What's really strange is that it seems to scale okay on other computers.  Here's the gallery:
***sorry can't post the link*** ... It's the one posted by jeff stein in the "show us your tilts!" topic.

Please, has anyone experienced these performance issue with Safari...anyone??

Re: Bringing Safari to its knees


I've tested TiltViewer in Safari here and it works fine. Do you see the same behaviour with the demo here: … iewer/app/ ?

When you see the 100% CPU usage, does Safari become unresponsive? Note that Flash typically reports more CPU usage than its actually using.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Bringing Safari to its knees

Yes, I have experienced the same behaviour on 2 different Macs with that demo.

Yes, Safari becomes unresponsive, and then the whole system becomes's all I can do to open up a Terminal windows to "killall Safari".

It doesn't happen right away, although I notice the high CPU right away.  You have to play with it a bit.  I believe I can always slow it down tremendously when I flip a picture over.

I went to another gallery last night, and they had the flip feature turned off.  This seemed to help...I even played with the gallery for a while before closing it.  I noticed the high CPU, but it seemed to be more responsive than when the flip feature is turned on.

Thanks for the reply, although I was afraid that I'm the only one having this problem...oh...I just remembered that I have another G5 Mac at work that I can try it on...I'll let you know.

*** EDIT ***

I just tried it on a G5 Mac and it works fine.  That system didn't have Flash 9 on it, and the page had the link to get it.  It installed smoothly and the TiltViewer performed like a champ.  (I understand Flash reports a very high CPU, however).  Maybe I just need to reinstall flash on the Intel Macs that present problems??  Yes, they are both Intel Macs...maybe that's the common denominator?

BTW, you can see my galleries at kinghomesite dot com.  I have implemented AutoViewer, CoolIris, and TiltViewer.

Thanks again,