Topic: Data Error Message

i moved my svmanager dir to the a different dir on my server and did a find and replace for the path. Now, i can login but can't access or see any of the editing options for the admin.

This is my error message:

svmanager error Error data/gallerydata.txt file is corrupted (galleryset.php, line 58)

I checked that path an uploaded again, but no luck.

Re: Data Error Message

Which version of svManager are you running (look bottom left on the Admin screen)?

Take a backup copy of the svmanager directory and contents.

This is the quick method which should work.

1. Delete the svmanager/data/gallerydata.txt file – you did take that backup didn't you  ;)
2. Log-in to svManager and import your galleries again.

Alternatively, if you can get back to the working state before you moved the svmanager directory, then this is the recommended way to move it:

1. Back-up your svmanager folder to a safe location.
2. Use the option on the galleries screen to unlist all your existing galleries
3. Rename or move the svmanager folder using ftp or similar
4. Import your galleries back into svmanager.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Data Error Message

svManager version 1.0.6 080220

It's working now! Thanks.