Topic: Captions and build gallery script


When I add captions to my gallery.xml, add new pictures to my gallery and rerun the build gallery script, my gallery.xml is recreated so all captions are gone. Is there a way to keep my captions but also use the script to build my gallery?


Re: Captions and build gallery script

a-) Rename your previous gallery.xml file to something else.

b-) build your new gallery with the script.

c-) open your old gallery.xml (renamed in a) and copy your old descriptions into the new gallery.xml replacing all the tags corresponding to your old photos.

That way you keep your captions already entered and you simply add the captions for the added photos in the new gallery. 

Provided that you did'nt change the photo names from the original pack.

Re: Captions and build gallery script

Thanks, that's the way I did it so far but I hoped there was an easier way.