Topic: simple veiwer - IE -Operation Aborted message

On my website on the page where the simple viewer is placed - I keep getting the message -operation aborted when the page loads.

It works fine in safari - does anyone know how to solve this?

www dot designhousestudios dot co dot uk

children's book page

many thanks

Re: simple veiwer - IE -Operation Aborted message

Not sure what is causing this. Does it happen when you remove the SimpleViewer code? Does it happen when using the example HTML embed code that comes with the download?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: simple veiwer - IE -Operation Aborted message

hi I have it working - took 5 days. I startted the page from scratch and put the header script a little higher up.

I also made sure that there were no spaces in my page names (i now know this is standard practice, but I only just found out)

thank you for your help - im very new to web design