Topic: Couple of FAST questions.


I have a couple of questions.

So at first how can I enlarge the hit area of the next image and back image buttons?

Furthermore i'd like to know how i can disable the thumbnails at the side. i want to have n thumbnaisl at all anymore.

And for the last i would like to know how i can i handle it like that:

at the end of the gallery (by clicking always on the next image button untilt he end of gallery) the gallery should start at beginning again.

how can i work this all out.

big THANKS for every response.

your themarox aka. simpleviewer NOOB.

help appreciated ;D :D

Re: Couple of FAST questions.

okay i finally found out how to disable the thumbnails..

now i just want to know how i can enalrge the buttons hit areas and ow i can handle it like i described. No end of gallery, at the end: starting at the begining again.

please help me.

thanks vy much :D

Re: Couple of FAST questions.

Instead of changig the navigation buttons I would also like to disable the visable buttons. So that I have an invisible but clickable area that is spread over the whole IMAGE. Would that work?

PLUS: At the end of the gallery, beginning at start again...