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Hi everybody,
after being surprised by the high versatility and easy to use characteristics of SV i decided to use it into my web site. 
This site is Ajax based, all the frames are updated independently and I wanted to load the viewer trough php.
The php works perfectly when it is loaded directly but it gives the error message "you need javascript and flash...."
After playing a little with the javascript code to try to fix it i decided that without the flash code I have to dismiss, too much variables and parameters when the flash-object is called. And probably the problem is the "locality" of the parameters called by the javascript. Unfortunately solving this problem is out of my possibilities and I encourage the developers or  somebody  to fix this because I have been searching for the solution over the net and I didn't find anything but several posts on forums, this program is really nice and easy to use, then I'm sure it could be very used .

Thanks in advance

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If there is no possibility to solve this problem, please just say it. I'll try other things... less smart but others...

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Check the FAQ, Q1: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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I already checked it.  :(
Here, there are two links to a test webpage to show what happens. The first one loads SV perfectly. But the second one loads the first page with AJAX but SV is not loaded. Files .js swf and everything is from the 1.9 version of the SV.
www ydna es/index_a htm
www ydna es/index_b htm
(spaces are dots)

I'm still lost with it...