Topic: Enlarge hitarea.

How can I enlarge the hit area of the movieclips of NextImageButton and BackImageBUtton in the .fla ?

The clickable area should be as large as the whole image.

That would be f*ing nice.

Thanks for repsonse.

Re: Enlarge hitarea.

By default the next button is the right 3rd of the image area and the back button is the left third of the image area. The hit area sizes are set in the file in the setSize() function.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Enlarge hitarea.

yeah thank i just found it!

i have one other problem!

I want to disable the mousewheel - how that?
AND at the end of the gallery i want to hadle it like that:

after clicking on the nextimagebutton again and again you are at the end of the gallery. now you just can go back to see the first image again, how can i disable this fictive "wall" at the end of the gallery and just start at the beginning again by clicking again on the NEXTimageBUTTON?

thanks for response!