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Hello, i've tried solutions from FAQ Q16 , but it's not the multiple gallery window i had in mind. Maybe i should put the question under Pcv.. still...

I want to be able to setup a portal of galleries. It is a page that would look to something between Simpleviewer and maybe Postcardviewer.

On that portal (in flash of course) i would have a bunch of pictures (similar layout/size as Postcardviewer) with a small description under. Each of the pictures would be a link to open a specific gallery - to compare it with Pcv, in Pcv when you click a picture, that picture goes larger... Now instead of getting the picture larger i would like to see it open a new window with the related gallery in another window.

Question ... Can this be done withing Simpleviewer or Postcardview - let's say by adding a new actionscript ?

Currently i'm doing the same kind of portal using HTML - it does work but it has not the same feel as Simpleviewer or other flash apps.

P.s. that does not involve changing the fact that all galleries needs to be in their own folder. SO the opening of the new window would be to open index.html but from an individual folder for each gallery.

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Afterall.. maybe this subject should be in postcardviewer, but i'm sure alot of the simpleviewer pro users are looking for a way to create a multiple gallery page in flash .

I found a demo doing something very similar to what i wrote about in the first post.

That flash demo is showing pictures, when you click a picture it does load the corresponding gallery. I'm sure that with very little mods in postcardviewer we could do the same thing. I mean instead of having Pcv to enlarge the clicked image, it would load a corresponding simpleviewer gallery.

The link to the demo is :


Replace the | sign by dot (sorry i'm new to this forum). Of course, i don't need all the bell and wistle from that demo - just the link functionality to load a corresponding simpleviewer gallery.

Felix ... What do you think ? is it a big task to do ?

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If you want it to look like that demo then yes it's a big task. The pro versions of the viewers include all the source code so you are welcome to have a go.

A simpler alternative to handle a gallery menu is to build it in HTML with links to your gallery folders. Or use svManager which includes a customizable gallery menu.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Yes of course, to look like that sample it is a big thing. But i might be close with postcardviewer as per there's already provision to show a set of pictures and the possibility to anchor a link on each of them using the caption ... If i can make it work.

I'm already using an html page listing the galleries with photos and links - so that's what i want to replace with a flash interface.

I have SV pro. I haven't looked at the manager; i will. Thanks.

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@ regg001 - have you considered using a shadowbox or lightbox script to open simpleviewer in?
i use it on my (unfinished by a mile) site (nik-c|com) and it works well.
i can imagine that you can build a gallery in html where each image opens a lightbox that loads a simpleviewer gallery!

nik c

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I finally did it with postcardviewer - slightly modified . See it here : … index.html

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