Topic: How to change Captions Color in SV?

Hi Forum,

I am new here, so please be gently with my silly Question. I searched for about 20 min. but haven't discoverd a solution.

I have a liitle HP with some fotos that I present with Simpleviewer. I have some gallerys and changed last week the whole Design to white backgrounds. I wanted to change the textcolor to black!

But the captions text is still white. I tried a lot of possible ways like color, textcolor or fontcolor in my html FIle - but with no result.

My HTML - Page has this Code inbound:

<div id="flashcontent"><embed style="height&#58; 640px;" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="flash/viewer.swf" id="viewer" name="viewer" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" quality="high" height="100%" width="100%"></div>

I also tried to change the txtColor Tag in the gallery.xml File but that doesn't change anything.

Anybody has an idea?

Thanks for your help!

Re: How to change Captions Color in SV?


Re: How to change Captions Color in SV?

To change the text color, use the 'textColor' XML option. Remember to clear your browser cache after making your changes.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: How to change Captions Color in SV?

Thanks for the answer. You are speaking of the gallery.xml File?

I tried that one. So surley I was mistaken in some way. I really read a lot before and tried everything. I also cared for my browsers cache.

Could you give me an example of the correct syntax.