Topic: odd problems with svmanager

hi i have installed svmanager on my award space paid for hosting (Max Pack)

gallery.audioaddictz . com/aa/

i can log in and create a gallery fine

upload photos all fine

but when i try to view the gallery i get this msg from award space

Error 500: Script Execution Failure
Description: The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Most common reasons for returning this error message are:

• File Upload Mode
When you upload Perl, CGI scripts via FTP you should use always ASCII mode. If you get "Error 500: Script Execution Failure" you should check whether your FTP client uses ASCII mode when uploading your scripts, because if it uses BINARY mode to upload your scripts they won't work on the server. The problem caused by wrong upload mode is associated with the way different operating systems handle the "end of line" character. Unix system uses a "line-feed" (LF), Windows uses a "carriage-return" (CR) and "line-feed" (LF) pair. That's why it is very important that you set the uploading mode to ASCII.

• File Permissions
When you upload scripts via FTP the file permissions are set by default to 755. If you get "Error 500: Script Execution Failure" you should check whether your scripts have 755 permissions. Otherwise your scripts have lower level of permissions and does not support execution upon request. The octal representation of the 755 permission is equal to the following textual format: -rwxr-xr-x
Most FTP clients support the CHMOD command which is used for setting file permissions. In case you have set improper permissions to your scripts, use your FTP client and set "Read, Write, Execute" permissions for the owner, "Read, Execute" permissions for the group and everyone else.

• Script Errors
This is the third well known reason for getting "Error 500: Script Execution Failure" upon execution of your scripts. Check your scripts for any obvious syntax or programming errors to make sure your code is not broken.

Remember: When you get a "Error 500: Script Execution Failure", you should always check for any file uploading problems (ASCII/BINARY) and the executable permission settings. Once those are checked and verified, it looks like there is a syntax error or some other problem in the script.

After this i get the same msg weather i try to visit the gallery directly or thru the admin page on the previous link

i had ran the svmanager test program before i uploaded svmanager and everything passed with flying colours

ive already tried the suggestion of changing the permissions and still no joy tried  folders 0755  files  0644  and also files and folders at 0777

ive tried uploading the files with 2 different ftp clients , cute ftp and filezilla

same same

if anyone can shed any light on this situation i would be very greatfull

thanks in advance

Re: odd problems with svmanager

issue was resolved by setting permisions for the route of my subdomain to 755

thanks to anyone who read my post

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