Topic: Music. Can't get the AS to work!?

Sorry, but I can't seem to get the action script for the background music to work. I've tried to edit the file, but no luck.

What am I suppos to do with the following line? My file is placed in a folder called sounds, in the same folder as the images and thumbs folders, and the mp3 file is called test.mp3. How can I get this to work? I've tried soundPath:String = sounds/test.mp3; but no luck, I just get an error message in Flash when doing the publish preview.

static var soundPath:String = null; //Relative or absolute path to optional music mp3 file.

Loads of help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Music. Can't get the AS to work!?

you have to wrap your path in double quotes:

static var soundPath:String = "sounds/test.mp3";
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Music. Can't get the AS to work!?

Great! Thanks. Will try it out!

Sorry for the noob question :)