Topic: Photo alignment within the thumbnail.

I'm looking at two solutions to solve my issue (using SV pro)

The issue :
The images in a single thumbnail is centered in a square. So if most of my images are showing the face of persons at the top of it, i can only see from the shoulder (and down) instead of their face because the image is centered in that square.

1-) is it possible to change the alignment inside the thumbnail square. How ?

2-) I've read that ''you can reduce the thumbnail size by setting the thumbnailWidth and thumbnailWidth AS Options''. Will that work even if i have both large or long images in the same gallery ? Let's say my thumbnail files are 100 X 67 and others are 67 X 100 . So how do i set those two vars (100 each) ?

Will the images be contained in the square or will the thumbnails adapt ''itself'' to use the form of the thumb images instead of a square ?