Topic: caption under image and fixed layout

As far as I can tell from reading the help file and these forums it's not possible to use fixed layout and still have captions align with the left corner of images regardless of their aspect ratio. When I don't use fixed layout and captionUnderThumbs = false then the caption is aligned to the bottom left corner of both horizontal and vertical images.

It would be nice a nice option if you could use fixed layout to precisely position thumbs and images, but still have the captions align with different sized images.

Just a suggestion.

By the way... the FAQ's for other caption options say it's necessary to "modify the stage layout code in the StageManager.doLayout() function." Where can I find this?



Re: caption under image and fixed layout

I found a solution to my problems and thought someone else might find it useful. I was using fixed layout because I wanted the top of the thumbnail area to align with the top of the images. But when the layout was not fixed, the top of the thumbnail area would extend above the images and be cut off if I used the number of rows that I wanted.

After searching the forums and seeing a post about forcing all images to align with the top left, I looked in I found this line:

y = Math.round(y);

and I took a chance and changed it to:

y = 0;

It worked perfectly, and now I can use fluid layout and have images and thumbs top aligned.