Topic: captions are being cut off at the bottom!

we've been using simpleviewer for our campus paper's website and are having problems with the captions being cut off at the bottom of the page when we include our paper's 'header'.

example here:
www collegiatetimes com/resources/galleries/xc0809/mensalumniinv/index html

we tried to make the page scrollable, but something still isnt working right when we add the 'header'

here is one that i think i made scrollable, but there is no header to mess it up
www collegiatetimes com/resources/galleries/vball0809/uva/index html

ideally i'd like to keep the images at full size (max height, width - 800) and get all of the caption info visible...ideally, by scrolling down.

can anyone help?!

Re: captions are being cut off at the bottom!

check the FAQ. Q12: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.