Topic: Simpleviewer Not Working Online - Cannot find out why

I've been reading pretty much every web page on this matter for the past few hours and i have no idea where to go from here.

My simpleviewer slideshows work just fine on my computer, but when i have uploaded them to the net nothing seems to be working right, no images just those pesky black crosses.

-I'm using Dreamweaver 8
-I'm using a Mac
-I've embedded by using Insert>Media>Flash>viewer.swf
-All the simpleviewer files for each slideshow are in the same folder as the web page.
-I've checked the gallery.xml file and there don't seem to be any typos etc (I've used numbers for files to keep it simple, 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc)
-I've tried Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer and none is showing the pictures (Either fullsize images or thumbs)

I have a basic grasp of HTML but nothing that advanced (hence using Dreamweaver) so it may be something very obvious, but i've tried a ton of the suggestions found on google searches and i'm totally stuck.

My website is www naturalunnatural nfshost com

Please let me know what you think, i would really appreciate your help.



Re: Simpleviewer Not Working Online - Cannot find out why

I've had a quick look at the site at:
The 'gallery.xml' file in contains imagePath="" and 'thumbPath="" indicating that the images ought to be alongside the 'gallery.xml' file.
However, trying to link directly to 1.jpg in that folder fails with a 404 file not found error.

My immediate thoughts are that either the images do not exist on the host in the correct folders or that your host has hotlinking protection which would prevent SimpleViewer from displaying your images.
One way around hotlink protection (which I found worked with AwardSpace who had hotlink protection) is to change the extension of all your pictures (both images and thumbnails as images and thumbanils must have the same filenames) from .jpg to something else like .txt or something random like .zzz (in fact, anything other that an extension which might involve hotlink protection (eg. .jpg, .gif, etc.)) as long as the image name matches the thumbnail name and they both match the <filename> reference in 'gallery.xml'.

(If you choose to use an extension such as .zzz watch out in case your host only allows you to upload certain files types.  I doubt .zzz would be on their list!)

Having said all that, your host might provide you with a better solution if you approch them with the issue.  That's if the problem definately is hotlink protection.  Trying the above might prove it one way or another.

Edit: Just realised that you are using the same images for the large pics and the thumbnails so you'd only need to rename your one set of pics and the references in 'gallery.xml'.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Simpleviewer Not Working Online - Cannot find out why

Thanks Monkeyboy for your help.

After another hour of investigation, i realised the error of my ways was down to my own stupidity. It was all because the index folders were labelled Index. Argh! And i thought i had double and triple checked case sensitivities too!

Problem Solved and i am now a much happier Megatron.