Topic: Flex 3 and SimpleViewer-Pro

Does anyone know how to embed multiple Viewer.swf objects into Flex 3?  I can get one gallery working fine, but can't for the life of me get multiple objects into different states.

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Ok, so I tried going in and manually editing the code so that each viewer pointed to a different set of images/thumbnails/XML...and I thought everything was going to work, except now I'm getting this error:

Cannot create property __OnEnterFrameBeacon on mx.controls.SWFLoader

Any ideas as to what's causing this?  Thanks.

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Anyone?  Felix, can you not create more than one viewer, even if I changed the paths of each individual one?

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wow, awesome support... :rolleyes:

Anyone reading this, spend your $45 elsewhere.

Re: Flex 3 and SimpleViewer-Pro

SimpleViewer is written in ActionScript 2. Loading SimpleViewer into an AS3 SWF is not supported. You would need to use LocalConnection to communicate to SV from an AS3 container.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.