Topic: How to upload XML???

I am trying to upload my simpleviewer to my myspace page
I have uploaded the swf, but i can't find an answer on how to upload XML
No, I am not computer savvy at all, so can someone please tell me how to upload xml
thanks :)

heres the myspace code that Airtight gave me

<embed src="www mywebsite/mygallery/viewer swf"
FlashVars="xmlDataPath=www mywebsite/mygallery/gallery xml"
bgcolor=#000000 WIDTH=420 HEIGHT=520

Re: How to upload XML???

just upload it to the same place your did the swf. Should work exactly the same way as when you uploaded the swf, just pick the xml instead.

Re: How to upload XML???

I uploaded my swf file at photobucket com
and that site doesn't support xml uploading
So can someone give me a website to do it at
Thank you

Re: How to upload XML???

I don't know of any hosting site. I will look into it though....