Topic: max characters on photo flip side.

Hi I'm new here.  I'm pretty savvy with HTML and other languages.  My problem is.  Whenever I leave things default they work. I can keep pix up and enter small information on the back. But when I enter a longer description it resets my tilt viewer?  The only thing I can see on the.XML page is that my **<description>I might be typing too much here?</description>**
So what is the max you can enter text on the flip side of the cards?  Thank you kindly.

Re: max characters on photo flip side.

There is no character limit. You may be entering special characters that break the XML. Check your XML doc for errors by viewing it in a browser.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: max characters on photo flip side.

Ah haa.......gotcha.  You are very true.  I have & symbols and that's breaking the XML.   Thank you very much Felix.