Topic: svmtest problem

I am running the svmtest, getting the results below, even with  ALL files and folders at 777. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Test    Result    OK?
Php version    4.3.11    ✔
Safe mode    off    ✔
GD graphics library version    2.0.28    ✔
XML parser functions    available    ✔

Success: your server meets the basic requirements to run svManager

The test program will now carry-out a few file operations. If these produce any error messages then you should check the permissions on the ‘svmtest’ folder and all of its contents and then run the test program again. See the svmTest instructions for information on file permissions.

Attempting to create test folder g1/…

Failed to create test folder

Attempting to copy test file gallery.xml…

Failed to copy test file

Attempting to read contents of test file gallery.xml…

Failed to read test file

Attempting to open test file gallery.xml for writing …

Failed to open test file

Attempting to write to test file gallery.xml…

Failed to write to test file

Deleting test files …

Problems with some file operations: please check file and folder permissions

Re: svmtest problem

Let's get the silly questions over with first:

1. Those 0777 permissions include the svmtest directory – yes?
2. Are there any missing files on the server compared with the contents of the zip that you downloaded from Airtight Interactive?

and maybe not quite so silly:

3. Are there any .htaccess files in the web root directory or in the parent directories of your test installation? Could they be affecting the test script?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: svmtest problem


I am afraid you underestimate the level of silliness.

The svmtest directory was on 0775.
With 0777, yes, I pass the test, all green.

Many thanks,


Re: svmtest problem

Don't worry – those server file permissions drive everyone to distraction at times.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.