Topic: Cannot customize on a MAC?


First of all i'd like to compliment Felix on this particularly awesome gallery. I had been looking for a nice simple gallery with a kick and i have found it!

I am having some trouble using the GENERAL OPTIONS variables..

I can get Tiltviewer to load properly by just using the index.html file as it was downloaded originally.. but once i try to un-comment any of the options for customization (for example the Background inner and outer color tags). As soon as i remove the // from any of the options it will just load up a message saying that Tiltviewer requires Java or the latest Flash player. I have double checked the FAQ, checked that my gallery.xml file is in my gallery folder on my server, i have the latest version of Flash player and i have javascript enabled on all browsers ive tested it on. So far no luck on ANY browser when i try to uncomment anything that wasnt already uncommented.

I  want to use tiltviewer with images i have manually uploaded to a server but i cant even get it  to load with a different colored background. Id be definitely down to buy the pro version but i want to make sure this works out for me on my platforms before i invest in it.

Im running  the latest MAC os on an intel based 17" MacBook Pro. I use firefox and safari and Taco HTML to edit all html or xml files.

Any ideas as to what im doing wrong here?