Topic: How to reposition captions?

So I originally wanted to have an SV gallery with no captions enabled, and now I want them back.  I have done quite a bit of fiddling around with my personal SV gallery and can't remember the steps I need to take to make the captions work again.  Maybe they're hiding behind my images, I really don't know.  Not sure how I can find out.

I tried the simplest solution and added back the <caption> tags to the individual images, but they don't show at all...

Can anyone provide references to the code snippets I can affect that are relevant to the captions in the heart of the source files?  I'm lost. :(

Re: How to reposition captions?

adding back the caption tags should do it. Did you refresh your cache? Did you modify any of the ActionScript source files?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: How to reposition captions?

Yeah, I refresh my cache every time I do something different.  Also put the caption tags back just the way they were.

I believe the issue lies in the ActionScript source files, just not sure where.

Re: How to reposition captions?

Okay, I've gotten the captions to show up now... but I can't seem to move it.  It's to the bottom and to the right on my display area.

Re: How to reposition captions?

In, would it be something to do with this line of code affecting it?

public function setCaptionPosition(x,y,w){
        if (isNaN(x) || Options.fixedLayout) return;
        mCaption_mc.txtText._width = w;
        mCaption_mc._x = mImageArea.xpos + x;
        mCaption_mc._y = mImageArea.ypos + y + Options.captionPadding;
        mCaption_mc._visible = true;

Re: How to reposition captions?

Come to think of it, there might be a better way for me to go about this.  Suppose I could make the captions outside of the viewer.swf.  Would there be a way to get the captions to correspond with each image?