Topic: SimpleViewer customize size

It's simple I have my images in the right folders and sizes i want them. I can see my simpleviewer just fine but now I want to update my photos and make them larger. Current size is the default 480x480 i believe. But my new photos I want to show are 800x600. Is there a way to customize the size of my thumbnails and images? I tried on the gallery.xml, index.html and swfobject.js but no matter what it does change to 800x600. What am I doing wrong? I know in the gallery.xml I can see this
maxImageWidth="800" maxImageHeight="600"
but i have it set as you can see to the size but when i go the page to view the change it doesnt show any changes. Still remains the same defaul size 480x480.

Re: SimpleViewer customize size

have you looked at the buildgallery.php file?

Look at the following:

// -----------------------
// Set Gallery options by editing the values in "double quotes" below:

$svOptions['maxImageWidth'] = "500";
$svOptions['maxImageHeight'] = "450";

Try changing the numbers here. I put in 500 and 450 for mine. Let me know if this helps. I'm not an expert at this and learning myself, but this helped me change the size of the larger image.