Topic: Embeding tiltviewer ?


I am Tiltviewer pro user.

Now I am creating the website using all Flash. I am trying to embed the 'flash_embed.swf' into my gallery page. I know 'flash_embed.swf', 'gallery.xml' and 'imgs folder' are always working together, so have to put same folder....
I put my flash (for  my web) and all tiltviewer file in same folder.

On my site, I made 'button' for opening the tiltviewer, and put the action script
on (release)
    loadMovie("flash_embed.swf", "host");

At the moment, I just see the black container on my gallery page. Am I able to open the tiltviewer correctly? Please help to work tiltviewer properly on my gallery page.

Thanks for advance.