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I'm really not sure if this is a FLASH issue or not but a few things I've noticed...

When I compress the window (browser window) - the scroll bars do not show up for me to thumb over when needed (I can make the arrows invisible by doing this - which means if my window is small enough to start off, I don't even know its there.

Ideas on getting horizontal and vertical bars to appear when resizing occurs?



Re: No Scroll bar if resized...

TiltViewer by default resizes to fill the browser so you don't need scrollbars. If you want to give tiltviewer a fixed size then check the example here: … d_example/

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: No Scroll bar if resized...


What I would expect is after I start up the application and everything is loaded, if I resize the browser image, the scroll bars would appear (which is the behavior if you have fixed-width blocks).

So, shrinking the browser causes the 'next' arrow to diapear.

Example at:

http://www merrimackcardinals org slash pictures slash 20081012_pw_vs_concord slash tiltview php

" " = .
"slash" = /

Re: No Scroll bar if resized...

Old note but if you want to put some text above and/or below and you require scroll bars,   change the html.

The style in the shipped html has overflow: hidden;

Change it to overflow: auto;

and browsers will toss one in if needed.