Topic: Free Upgrade from Purchased v1.9 Pro??

Hi Felix,

Just wanna ask that I have purchased the SimpleViewer v1.9 Pro today, I have viewed several posts saying about the upgrading. You said that in order to be eligible for upgrading it has to be in the same major upgrade version like v1.0 to v1.x.

However, I purchased v1.9 which seems to be the latest major changes here (other than v1.9.x) my question is that would it be possible for the pro users, who puchased v1.9, to get any upgrades from v2.x??


Re: Free Upgrade from Purchased v1.9 Pro??


Customers who purchase SimpleViewer v1.9 will get bonus free upgrades up to v2.x.


Felix Turner
Airtight Interactive Inc.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.