Topic: Changing simpleviewr order

can I make the thumbnails pics appear below the picture and not to the left?
the arrows can be not on the pic but outside of it?
can I loose the white border?

I made a pic of how I want it to be
www royhalevy com/simpleviewer jpg
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Re: Changing simpleviewr order

I think I can help with 2 out of your 3 questions.

(1) In 'gallery.xml', specify navPosition="bottom"
(2) In SimpleViewer Pro, the ActionScript option enableImageButtons, when set to false, will hide the arrow buttons that overlay the main image (Half way towards your goal.  Not sure how to move them outside the image, though.)
(3) In 'gallery.xml', specify frameWidth="0"

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team