Topic: Portuguese accents are not working.

I’m working on this website English/Portuguese we can see the Portuguese accents on the website without any problems, but when I upload the galleries using SimpleViewer, where I have names in Portuguese with accents it shows me the funny symbols. I've already checked the xml file and it’s with encoding=UTF-8 and after reading so many forums I made all the changes I thought something could help, but nothing have changed. Then I read that I should have on my flash script this description "system.useCodepage  =  true;". But first, I don't even know where I should put this code, second I know that I can't do anything on the viewer.swf and third, is this the only solution?  Can anybody please help me with this? I really, really appreciate! :)

Re: Portuguese accents are not working.

if the XML file is encoded with UTF-8 it should work OK. There is no file at : … index.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Portuguese accents are not working.

I know it should but for some reason is not working. Any light?

And sorry, I wrote the wrong web address, this' the correct one:
www goulartfilmes com/galleries/TestGallery/index.html