Topic: Cannot find the Option "captionUnderThumbs" (SV 1

Hello Felix,
I want the caption to be under the main image.
So I wanted to put the parameter "captionUnderThumbs" on "false".

But in the "" file, I didn't find such a parameter.

I try to add a line with this parameter positionned to "false" (in the //CAPTIONS) section, I re-export my swf file. And it doesn't work.

Did I miss something?
Is this "captionUnderThumbs" parameter in another ActionScript file?


Thanks in advance.

Re: Cannot find the Option "captionUnderThumbs" (SV 1


most likely you have an older version of SimpleViewer.

You can use your original download link (sent by email) to get the latest version.

If you cannot locate your original download link, please fill out this form to receive a new link: … _form.html


Felix Turner
Airtight Interactive Inc.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Cannot find the Option "captionUnderThumbs" (SV 1

Hi Felix,
many thanks,