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Felix I do not want to purchase SimpleViewer Pro for I do not want to part with $700 for Adobe Flash.  It took me to long to learn Adobe Photoshop. I have no desire to learn Flash nor do want to design Web sites.  However there is one feature in the pro version I would like to have and I'm willing to pay a small price for this. If you can program the feature I want like this you may be able to generate some income.  It seems to me that it must be Viewer.swf the retrieves the images from the Web Servers.  That you may ba able to sell registered copies of Viewer.swf the would only work with registered Web servers by always plugging in the servers fixed IP address. The these registered copies of Viewer.swf would have the pro version Play button that I want. Other versions may also be possible.  I'm very pleased with SimpleViewer performance and ease of use. I have modified Jeff's Photoshop Script to generate two SimpleViewer Galleries one with and one without thumbnails. Thumbnails have EXIF as well as other metadate. The are linked to the other gallery to be able to view large images without enabling right click for several reasons.  Other links are also provided and the large images can be imprinted with a copyright notice. Example
www mouseprints net/SVATripToNZ/

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example  www mouseprints net/SVATripToNZ/ had a hard time posting even without dots it does not like h t t p in the message

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if you want to add a play button you can use the Flash trial version to make your mods and publish your SWF (instructions here: … customize) . No need purchase or learn flash.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.