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How do I add more Multiple Galleries Buttons inside a Multiple Galleries .swf file?

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To add a new gallery to the multiple galleries example:

- Create a new gallery subfolder. Name it 'gallery3'. Put your images and thumbnails in here.
- Create a new 'gallery3.xml' file. Put your images and captions in here.
- Edit the 'multiple_galleries.fla' using Flash Authoring.
- Create a new button movieclip on the stage.
- Name the new MC 'mcGal3'
- In the ActionScript in the 'code' layer, add the following:

mcGal3.onRelease = function(){
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Gallery Buttons

Thanks Felix.. That worked. I added 2 more Galleries. Now that worked, all of the Alignment is off. The thumbnails & Picture are cut off.