Topic: Main image not showing up

So this is a bit strange...

I am unable to see the main image, but if I right-click and choose "Open Image in new Window..." it opens up the picture perfectly well. This makes me think the "image path" is set correctly, but the main image still doesn't work...

I am using SimpleViewer Pro via morfeoshow and joomla. (I know I'll be moving from joomla soon enough, that thing causes more compromise than any other framework I've ever seen.)

It was working before with no issues, I wish there was some way to debug the application within the web environment...

Thanks in advance, this thing has me completely puzzled.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<simpleviewergallery maxImageWidth="400" maxImageHeight="766" textColor="0x333333" frameColor="0x999999" frameWidth="766" stagePadding="5" navPadding="40" thumbnailColumns="2" thumbnailRows="6" navPosition="left" vAlign="center" hAlign="center" title="" enableRightClickOpen="true" backgroundImagePath="" imagePath=" domain com/dynamic/images/morfeoshow/sarah-1672/big/" thumbPath=" domain com/dynamic/images/morfeoshow/sarah-1672/thumbs/">

obviously the urls have spaces instead of the .'s.

Re: Main image not showing up

whats the url?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Main image not showing up

Would it be possible for me to email it to you?

I have it setup with basic authentication and the client doesn't want to have the site live yet.


Re: Main image not showing up

I figure out what the issue was, I set "framewidth" to the same value as "maximageheight" thinking iframes, that ended up moving the picture wayyyy out of what was viewable, and caused me to not see it.

noobie mistake I'm sure :)