Topic: Want to use TiltView in eBay auctions, OK for FF, BAD for IE

Hello to all,

I discovered TiltView two days ago, and from this time I didn’t sleep from now because it is a must for me to be able to use it in my eBay auctions

First, you have to know that before disturbing you, I searched a solution in the forum but only to subjects talk about FF and IE and it didn’t help me

The problem is that we can’t use JavaScript in eBay auction so I host the TiltView folder on my own server and call it in my eBay’s actions with

object data

The problem is very simple
The page named "index html" works fine in FF and IE if I call it directly from my server
But in eBay auctions, it is working with FireFox but not with Internet Explorer !
I only get a blank frame with a grey scroller in IE
It is the same problem after that I cleaned the IE cache

I left this example on an auction that will end in long time for you to can check what is it wrong

I hope that we could get your support,

Thanks to you !

Best Regards,