Topic: multiple galeries with different options


I'm loading different galleries into one flash movie.
So far so good, but the problem is, that I want to have different values for each gallery. Let's say the image size of the 1st is 380x380px and for the 2nd 450x380px, the xvalue for the captions of the 1st gallery might be 200px and for the 2nd 350px and so on.
I manage thes values with the and I copied the simpleviewer folder for each different gallery. And from each folder with its own simpleviewer.fla and its own I created the swf. And on its own each swf represents the values it should have.
But when I load them in another swf the 1st gallery which is loaded overwrites the values of the other galleries although I 'unload' each gallery.swf before I load the next one.
Does anyone know why this happens and even better has anyone an idea to solve this problem.

Thanx in advance

Re: multiple galeries with different options

This happens because the first Options class loaded overides the others. The solution is to set the Options for each gallery in the shell FLA when the SWF is loaded. Check the onLoadInit() function in the SV-Pro 'multiple_galleries.fla' for an example of how to do this.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: multiple galeries with different options

Thank you Felix,

now everything works fine.