Topic: Image Color Issue

I am having a problem where the images, when displayed within the viewer are slightly duller in color than when viewed outside the viewer. Anybody else run into this? It's set up on photographer's website, so it's critical the colors are right.


Re: Image Color Issue

check the FAQ, Q28: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Image Color Issue

You should consider (and so should 'the photographer') that you can only gain a certain amount of control over the way images are displayed over the web. It is not practical to try and have the color or contrast appear perfect. The reasons why are as follows:
1. Not all browsers respect the embedded color profile
2. Not all users have installed or enable color profiles in their browsers.
3. Different applications, running within the web browser, will display the colors with different gamut or profile.
4. EVERY monitor is different!

My advice is to proof and save images for the web using sRGB, with slightly higher saturation, contrast and sharpening, than you think you might need viewing on your calibrated monitor in Photoshop or other quality image app.