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Could you please help a donut to get a copy of SimpleViewer onto my website. If I can get it to work I would be prepared and like to buy the Pro version.
My web site is hosted by I use a kinda Wizard thing they sell called Instantsite.  When I go to the page where I would like to put SimpleViewer, I utilise a script writer thing they have, I cut and paste the text from SimpleViewer into the page via their script editor. When I go to preview the page, I am told that I need to 'Get Flash'.

Now I have Flash on my Mac (the player that is and not the full version) and it works fine with everything else. I even tried 'Getting Flash' but I couldn't seem to find where to place it, it defaulted to Internet Downloads! I moved it around a bit but without success.
Sorry to be such a dummy but I would welcome any help available.
does it make any difference that I am using Mac with Firefox and or Safari?
My site if you wish to take a look is at www markgoodwinphotography com It is my intention to make some drastic changes to the site and SimpleViewer was to be an important part of the site.

Many Thanks


Re: Placing SimpleViewer in website

check the FAQ, Q11: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Placing SimpleViewer in website

Thanks Felix.

yes, I have checked my preferences and Java is enabled.

Also, have my Flash version.  I have version MAC 10,0,12,36

I know I must be doing something wrong!  But I can't work it out, any further help great appreciated.