Topic: tiltviewer only shows sample images Please Help!

Hello all,

I have installed tv(cherry piece of software, btw), but it will only show sample pics.  I have embedded tileviewer into my site on the creative space page at www neyoholics com, if anyone wants to take a look. xml file looks like this:

        <photo imageurl="/gallery/imgs/the original 3.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Image 1</title>
            <description>The Ones That Started It All - The Three Original NeYoHolics</description>
        <photo imageurl="/gallery/imgs/ronneyo.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Image 2</title>
            <description>Drawn by RonniseNeYoHolic and signed by THE MAN!</description>
        <photo imageurl="/gallery/imgs/omfg2.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Image 3</title>
        <description>Hot Banner, Huh?</description>           
        <photo imageurl="/gallery/imgs/omfg.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Image 4</title>
            <description>Kimmie Got Mad Photoshop Skillz!</description>           
        <photo imageurl="/gallery/imgs/love copy2.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Image 5</title>
            <description>NeYoHolic 3 Showin' Off Her Photoshop Skillz!</description>           
        <photo imageurl="/gallery/imgs/45.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Image 6</title>
            <description>Now That's Love - One of Many NeYoHolics</description>           
        <photo imageurl="/gallery/imgs/37.jpg" showFlipButton="true">
            <title>Image 7</title>
            <description>That Kimmie is a Talented Girl!</description>           

All images are in my imgs folder located inside the gallery folder.  Site is in my root folder.

Re: tiltviewer only shows sample images Please Help!

did you set useFlickr to false?

fo.addVariable&#40;"useFlickr", "false"&#41;;
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.