Topic: Help changing captions..

I'm using SimpelViewer_Pro and wants to change the captions in the scrip. I'm using Photoshop CS3 and the SimpelViewr_pro script.

The SimpelViewer sets the Filname as the "filename", but also the Caption is set as "filename". I would like the Caption to be the date the picture (file creation date) was taken.

Looking at the source-files, I think I should change the sourcecode in the Simpel_Viewer.jsx file, located in CS3/Prset/Scrips/Simpel_Viewer. I have come so far, that I think it can be done by addin a new varible - but how and where?

Line 672 - 678:

function writeXMLDocRef() {
"<image>" + "n" +
"    <filename>" + + "</filename>" + "n" +
"    <caption>" + + "</caption>" + "n" +
"</image>"  + "n");

Regards Martin

Re: Help changing captions..

Martin the data the picture was taken can be found in the EXIF metedata. You can change the Photoshop script to get that info and add it to the caption. The caption cam be many lines and contain some HTML. If you use HTML embed it in a cdata tag. Read the FAQ.  I don't use the pro version. But have changed the Photoshop Script that can be downloaded fro this site. Here is a link to some examples of what can be done for the free viewers.