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Hey y'all,

I've got AutoViewer Pro. It's really great. First time I uploaded my images and ran the automatic creation PHP script (left at defaults), the XML file it created had my images in a semi-filename based order. Looking at the PHP script, I saw that I could change it up so that it sorted by filename - exactly what I wanted.

So I changed the options in the PHP script to sort by filename. But after running it, it put the images in completely random order. I changed the PHP options back to default and ran it again - same thing, SAME order!

I've pasted below the results from the PHP script - it shows this same order every time, regardless of options!

I've got 256 photos to put in FILEname order and I'd really rather not have to do it by hand!

Any timely help would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks in advance!


Creating XML for Autoviewer.

Sorting images by filename.
Sorting images in reverse order.

- Created Image Entry for: lawnwasemo.jpg whose width is 251 and whose height is 251.
- Created Image Entry for: cryme6.jpg whose width is 480 and whose height is 595.
- Created Image Entry for: fiddlefaddle.jpg whose width is 600 and whose height is 431.
- Created Image Entry for: gtfo6.jpg whose width is 446 and whose height is 640.
- Created Image Entry for: ohrly.jpg whose width is 640 and whose height is 452.
- Created Image Entry for: momsminivan.jpg whose width is 600 and whose height is 480.
- Created Image Entry for: fishassholes.jpg whose width is 447 and whose height is 583.
- Created Image Entry for: poolsclosed0.jpg whose width is 372 and whose height is 434.
- Created Image Entry for: potgrowing.jpg whose width is 392 and whose height is 254.
- Created Image Entry for: popthatcorn.jpg whose width is 620 and whose height is 445.
- Created Image Entry for: noobsthrowingcans.jpg whose width is 390 and whose height is 324.
- Created Image Entry for: mrtlaser.jpg whose width is 640 and whose height is 479.
- Created Image Entry for: ninjaplease.jpg whose width is 408 and whose height is 366.
- Created Image Entry for: prezofasia.jpg whose width is 520 and whose height is 353.
- Created Image Entry for: aroundblacks.jpg whose width is 407 and whose height is 600.

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Re: ARGH - doesn't sort by anything...

Update: Tried it with a smaller batch of images, still no luck - same order every time. Also, on my computer (OS X) all the system modified dates/times are the same - not sure if this has anything to do with throwing off the script. They are the same as I exported them in a batch from iPhoto.

This is driving me batty! I don't want to start doing a manual XML for 256 images if the fix is simple... it's going to take long enough to add the captions...    :(

Re: ARGH - doesn't sort by anything...

Update again: tried changing the EXIF date/times in iPhoto and re-exporting - no change, script still borked, so it looks like the script goes on the system date/time in the file. Still stuck!   =(

Re: ARGH - doesn't sort by anything...

I myself, can't get it to sort by date for the life of me.
(I think it always does it one direction and won't go in "reverse").

Re: ARGH - doesn't sort by anything...

This was caused by a bug in the build script. This has now been fixed. Get the latest version here: …

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.