Topic: IE 7 Issue

I have an issue with IE 7 "locking up" (i.e. not being able to navigate to other pages) when I open up a gallery with SimpleViewer, but close the window prior to all of the images loading.

The steps that can be used to re-create the issue are:
- Open website (www sadevusa com)
- Use the menu and go to the Projects menu and open one of the galleries (Canopies, Decor interiors, etc).
- Close the window before all of the images are loaded/cached.
- I am then unable to navigate to other areas on the site.  If I wait until all of the images are loaded, then close the window, everything works fine.

If I perform these same steps that lock up IE, with Firefox 3.x, I do not experience any issues.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this or have any thoughts on what might be causing it?  I am using the latest version of SimpleViewer.

Thanks in advance.

Re: IE 7 Issue

I can't replicate the problem on my PC.
When I open a gallery, I close the window before all the images are preloaded and I am still able to navigate freely around your site in the original window.
FYI I'm using:
Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
IE7 v7.0.6001.18000
Flash v10.0.12.36
I have all Microsoft recommended Windows/IE updates installed.

However, in trying to validate your index page at 3 errors and 11 warnings were found (a few stray end tags).  I'd iron these issues out before going any further.

It could also be an IE7 issue.
You might like to try installing IE8 beta 2 and see if the problem persists.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team