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I solved my Flickr issue, and now that I have it working 100% with all the images in my Flickr account, it loads very odd.

Not only did I try adding 2 different Tags to the two sets of images I have, but I also deleted them all, then put them in their own set, but the way it is displayed is a mix and match versus say all pictures of folder A, followed by all pictures of folder B.

This is the website (spaces are dots)

newenglandmotorsports net/tiltviewerflickr/indexflickr html

It is odd because there no pattern it is following that I can see, just radomized the photos really. 

Basically if you look at the site, the images with the watermark with our web address at the bottom right are from one set, and the ones without watermark are from a separate set, but on the same FlickR account.  All I want is that when I add a new set of photos, they go into my TiltViewer in order.  I am not sure the internal workings of Tiltviewer, but if it has to do with the titles of the photos or something else to manipulate it to get it to work that way I would be very happy.

I would rather not have a separate Tiltviewer for each set, but I will see if anyone has a solution to this or else that is what I will have to do as its the only way I know I could get it to work. 

Thank you, and you can close my previous posting, as I solved it and actually posted the solution incase anyone else has a similar issue linking to flickr 

Thanks :D

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Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Organizing Flickr Images

ty Felix  :D