Topic: Need help opening simpleveiwer gallery links on same page..

OK, I've read other replies to what I thought was the same problem (FAQ16 doesn't help!)

On the example of creating multiple galleries in one webpage on the main site I can see the source code for the header with the links so I have that sorted but can't see any source code for the main part where the simpleveiwer sits

In the gallery I'm working on there's a grey band where I'd like the galleries to open when I click the links - they go instead to a separate page. Is there any way of opening them in this space as in the simpleviewer example?

I'm a bit of a dunce when it comes to code btw - I uploaded my galleries using Picasa and edited them in Dreamweaver with the limited knowledge I do have so please keep things simple (no idea what div means etc. So if anyone can show me what needs to go in the body where the flash stuff sits I'll be a very happy bunny..

I would post a link to the gallery I'm working on and the example on the on the main site but forum rules don't allow it.

Thanks, Rhys.

Re: Need help opening simpleveiwer gallery links on same page..

Well, I've sought the advice of a few professional web-master mates and came to the conclusion it was far easier to make different web pages with the same page design and have a gallery per page. All I need to do is link to one of them and the rest work from the links on that page.

Hope this is of some use to others with the same problem.