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I am in the process of trying your simple viewer on a website with lots of photography. I am using Dreamweaver and seem to be having problems.

I tried to put simple viewer into a page in Dreamweaver (html page) as to your directions. In Dreamweaver it says "simple viewer requires JavaScript and the flash player . get flash" on the website it just shows a black square box?

I am using Firefox and did the latest updates to java and flash
also have java activated on the browser

If I purchase the program will it be any better?
I did intended to but it but if I cannot get it to work in my pages it is no use to me.
I do have flash but am a novice to using it to make my own.

can you help?


Re: using dreamweaver any problems

Did you figure out how to fix this? Or can anyone else offer help.

Re: using dreamweaver any problems

Dreamweaver's preview will not show the gallery. Try loading your html page in a browser to test it.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: using dreamweaver any problems

Dreamweaver's preview will not show the gallery. Try loading your html page in a browser to test it.

Did this and still no joy  :cry:

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I am having the exact same problem.  I inserted the code into my dreamweaver page and changed the gallery.xml to link to my proper files and uploaded everything to the internet and it still just says i should get flash  instead of loading the gallery.  Someone help!

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To be honest onetwothreego89 I would  give up on inserting the code into an existing html web page. It just didn't work at all for me.
Not sure if it's because I use nested tables and java is supposed to have a possible issue with this.
I did however get the fixed size separate page to work. And you can modifying the page a bit. Looks ok.
I'm getting the feeling that Mr Felix who runs this page is mad busy and doesn't have much time for support.
But for the code you've supplied so far for SimpleViewer, thanks.

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I had the same problem but I finally managed to get it to show up. I haven't uploaded my site yet but i got it to work in the dreamweaver preview-in-browser, so It should work.

I used Insert->Media->Flash and selected the swfobject.js file that was in my gallery folder. Normally in dreamweaver that makes a little box with a link to your gallery. After doing that, I followed the directions on the official page to embed the media (placing the code in the head and body sections). After embedding it both ways, it showed up as a gallery in my preview! The little box was also still there, so i just selected it and deleted it, and the gallery still shows up.

If you do it this way you also need all of the items from your simpleviewer gallery folder in the folder with your site's html file (the images and thumbs folders, etc) or the images won't show up properly.

I hope this helps!

Re: using dreamweaver any problems

Has anyone resolved this issue? I am tearing my hair out over it and can't understand what I am doing wrong.

I have read all the message boards and tried what seems like everything.

I am using Dreamweaver, Firefox & Simpleview.

My simpleview file "index.html"  works perfectly offline in a browser- I am trying to embed it into my website but I either get a :

"SimpleViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player. Get Flash." error message or...

I get "gallery not found" when I try to insert a flash file (viewer.swf) directly.

I have tried relocating the swfobject.js file out of the simpleviewer folder and still no luck.

please please help. thanks in advance. Rad