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Hi everyone,
i'm using Simpleviewer pro because i dont want any "commercials" underneath the album(s).
i first used Porta with the Simpleviewer but he also has a "footer" with his name in it wich cant be removed.
so now i'm trying the photoshop-version, so i downloaded the extension for photoshop and went to file -> scripts -> simpleviewer, by the looks of it i can manage everything i want so that's great, but... ther is NO WAY to really make an album, there are missing certain buttons for that purpose!!
anyone any ideas???

please help me out on this one...

thanks in advance!

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Hi, I'm having the same problem trying to run the SimpleViewer script in CS3. This has been mentioned in another post on the forum. It would appear that the lower part of the script panel is not displaying properly hence the 'run' button is not shown. The post mentioned the problem was related to the screen resolution you are running in but I have tried this with a very high res screen and the problem still exist, the panel does not display the 'run' button and there is nothing you can do other than close the script window!  I believe the author Felix is aware of the issue but there is no mention of a fix as yet.

See this thread:

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Had no problem.  I even fixed some bugs modified the script to generate 5 Web Galleries for a single set of images two simpleviewer galleries one with thumbnails one without also a AutoViewer,  PostcardViewer and a TiltViewer.  Though the last three do not work well if you have more then 16 images. I also added support for EXIF data and Metadata for title, captions, links, e-mail and copyright notice an example
the old and new script dialogs

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Could be a CS3 issue.